1 cubic meter of wood (m3) = One tree

Per cubic meter of used wood, we finance planting a new tree. learn more..

Trees mean life. That does not only mean that they are plants and have a metabolism. All living creatures depend on them. Without our forests, we would neither have air to breathe, nor animals, nor wood to build our houses.

For decades, human beings have taken more wood from the forests than can grow back.

Worldwide lumbering is at a record high.

Germany is the second largest exporter of wood products worldwide. But where does the wood come from? With growing sales numbers, illegal lumbering also increases. In Germany and other EU member states, there are enough control mechanisms to call the overexploitation of natural resources to a halt and to allow sustainable forestry. But it’s not everywhere like this.

If nothing changes, all of us will pay our toll for this overexploitation very soon.

We wish to contribute to a sustainable use of resources. We are especially interested in supporting small regional projects, addressing the challenges of our times and committing themselves to change.

Our contribution in figures: Per m³ of used wood, we donate as much as is needed to grow back the same amount in one life cycle. We do not necessarily support reforestation projects but also renaturation and forest protection in general. And we want to foster social commitment in this respect on a regional level, in particular.




Restoring of a Bell tower

The bell tower of Horla was probably built in the middle of the 17th century. Its builders knew very well what kind of wood was the right one for every field of use and the oak wood structure, exposed to the weather and planned into very detail, offered the big advantage that beams and connections dried very fast after some rainy days. Not before the end of the 19th century, extensive repair was necessary and, at that time, some protective wood planking was built around it, too. In summer 2012, we now renewed the joist bearings and the wooden shingles.