1 cubic meter of wood (m3) = One tree

Per cubic meter of used wood, we finance planting a new tree. learn more..

Trees mean life. That does not only mean that they are plants and have a metabolism. All living creatures depend on them. Without our forests, we would neither have air to breathe, nor animals, nor wood to build our houses.

For decades, human beings have taken more wood from the forests than can grow back.

Worldwide lumbering is at a record high.

Germany is the second largest exporter of wood products worldwide. But where does the wood come from? With growing sales numbers, illegal lumbering also increases. In Germany and other EU member states, there are enough control mechanisms to call the overexploitation of natural resources to a halt and to allow sustainable forestry. But it’s not everywhere like this.

If nothing changes, all of us will pay our toll for this overexploitation very soon.

We wish to contribute to a sustainable use of resources. We are especially interested in supporting small regional projects, addressing the challenges of our times and committing themselves to change.

Our contribution in figures: Per m³ of used wood, we donate as much as is needed to grow back the same amount in one life cycle. We do not necessarily support reforestation projects but also renaturation and forest protection in general. And we want to foster social commitment in this respect on a regional level, in particular.



Romania’s woods under massive pressure


On their way towards maximum yield and profit, many forestry companies intensify their efforts to manage and exploit Romania’s woods. Romania is, except for its national parks and a few regions, almost completely deforested. The exploitation of that resource has left some obvious traces. Unfortunately, illegal lumbering is thriving. Now, Romania’s Parliament has passed a new forestry law. But it is still to be feared that uncontrolled logging will continue.

Recent news:

Hotline started service: Last winter, a nationwide hotline was started in Romania. Worried people can call there and have wood transports checked because forestry vehicles are obliged to be registered. An attempt of the government to involve the population in the fight against the wood mafia.

Ban on exports planned! Against a strong lobby, consisting of European wood industry, suppliers, and forestry companies, President Klaus Johannis tries to force through a ban on exports for raw wood. There are reasons to doubt whether he will succeed.

Schweighofer being criticized: Schweighofer is an Austrian wood importer having been active in Romania for many years. Currently, Schweighofer Group is facing some reproaches to buy illegally cut wood and even to foster this kind of trade.

Schweighofer threatens to leave Romania: Schweighofer Group has expanded in Romania over the years, and controls almost the entire commodity market.

Nationwide protests for the protection of the woods: Citizens’ initiatives, student groups, and environmental associations have called for nationwide protests against excessive deforestation.

50,000 jobs were destroyed: According to NGOs, about 50,000 jobs in small and medium-sized sawmills have disappeared during the last years. On the way towards maximum profit, it is of course the Big Players being way out in front.


Whether the woods, and thus Romania, will win remains to be seen. As a matter of fact: Opposition is growing because many people are worried about their country. It is quite sure that Schweighofer & Co. will leave the country, at the latest when there is nothing to gain anymore.
I cannot really tell what we craftsmen can do about it, maybe I can just say that the small sawmill next door might be the best choice probably.